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I grew up idolizing artists who defined entire classifications and movements of art (weird, I know). The term “artist” is such a sacred and special label to me. I thought it should be reserved for people who have mastered their craft. When I started painting ceramics it instantly (on accident) became a business. I was making things to sell before I even thought about what my “style” was or what I really dreamed of creating. So, I have thought of myself as more of an incidental product designer who is “artsy” than an actual artist.

bpost bpaid herladen Recently I have loosened my hold on that restrictive definition and proudly, although sheepishly, claimed the title “artist”. That has come with being less critical of myself, which has come with age. It has also come with a season of painting ceramics and canvases that are “whatever is stirring inside me” which may or may not have a mass appeal. This new endeavor here at Cabell’s Designs is really exciting yet kinda scary. I know more people love a UGA chip n’ dip than love a platter with a rooster standing on a pig, standing on a cow. That’s ok; I love both. If you are the kind of person who loves both too, then you’ve come the the right place!

lortab for pain These pieces feel like “us.” They have layers and layers of paint. The blue you see is only that tint of blue because of the browns and greens lying beneath. The blue is that particular shade because of saturation; because of what it has absorbed. We too, have layers and layers of underlying life experience that bring a depth and richness unable to be created in any other way. Also, like us, each piece is imperfect. But of course the imperfections are what create character and make it unique. And each piece has a touch of whimsy because life is hard and laughter keeps joy before us. The playful whimsy hopefully encourages us to not take ourselves too seriously. I don’t know about you, but I can be sorta intense at times- laughing at cow bowls helps in some inexplicable way.

So without further ado… We introduce The Graine Collection! A sampling of hand painted, limited edition pieces.
We named it The Graine Collection for a few reasons:

The animals on the pieces eat grain.
The word graine in French means seed. Our logo is an acorn, the oak’s seed. We like the symbolism of a seed (a small investment) growing into something big. It’s the way we live our lives.
We chose French, not because we are trying to be all fancy but because Susan and I found the most fun ceramics shop in Paris filled with pottery from different regions of France. We went crazy there. That little shop inspired us and changed a lot of the way we make and paint ceramics.

When these few pieces are gone; they are gone. We might make more, but we might not do that right away. And if we paint a piece again, it won’t be exactly the same because no two pieces are ever identical. We just don’t know what we will paint or when we will paint it. We are aiming for a few collections a year but can’t promise that. You know how fickle artists can be… always waiting for some kind of inspiration! loyalty card

If one of these pieces finds its way into your home may it remind you that YOU are a layered work of art… unique and full of character because of your imperfections. And may it remind you that whimsy, laughter and joy is the serious business of Heaven. (CS Lewis)

Thank you for letting what we have made be a tiny part of the home you are creating.
It’s a pretty big deal to us.

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